3 design agency sites that remind me about the potential of web

Big Youth

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Basic Agency

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Wonderland Industry

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3 websites you should check out

1. Thinking For a Living


Thought-provoking design content. Use your keyboard arrows to navigate the site, which scrolls horizontally instead of vertically. I really enjoy their article on Horizontalism and Readability, which delves into the history of scrolling and why scrolling horizontally might actually make sense in some cases.

2. Neighborland


A great way for people to voice their ideas on what their neighborhoods need and how they can be improved. It’s a powerful tool if used well.

3. The Art of Non-Conformity


If you haven’t heard of Chris Guillebeau, well…he’s kind of awesome. He’s visited 189 out of 193 countries, and he’ll have been to every country in the world very, very soon. He’s also a writer, a blogger and an influential guy when it comes to living an unconventional life. I love what he’s about.