Clever ideas for getting people to do the right thing

  1. Writing a hidden message on the inside of packaging paper to encourage people to recycle.

2. Showing people how long it takes for certain types of trash to biodegrade if they toss it at the beach

3. Having a refill station in your college so whenever people run out of different kinds of soap, they can just use the machine to dispense more.





You have got to check out HOLSTEE! They design and curate with a conscience! Products from their online store include The Recycled Wallet, which is made of newspapers and plastic bags collected from the streets of India, and the People Pendant, which is made from acrylics scraps from a Chicago sign factory. 10% of Holstee’s proceeds go Kiva, a micro-lending service that helps entrepreneurs in developing countries start their own venture. They visited RISD today to share their story of how they created a business that’s about doing good and inspiring other people to follow their dreams as well as what sustainable design means to them. 

Their post on this: