Bent/Curved Wooden Staircases

These stairs are my Thursday morning inspiration. I love the thought that went into these designs; the architects didn’t just think about the utility of stairs but how they would shape the space around them. There’s something that feels lightweight and carefree about stairs that bend. They look sculpted rather than assembled.

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Small-scale manufacturers and workshops in Istanbul

When I was in Istanbul two months ago, I was struck by how many handmade household goods there were for sale at the grand bazaar. I always wondered what the makers’ studios look like, how the goods were made, and if the makers worked in fair conditions.

I found out recently that my friend, Rezzan, spent time this spring studying the exploitation of underground metal-smiths and woodworkers in Istanbul for her graduate thesis at Sabanci University. She worked hard to find and contact these workers, who don’t often publicize where they hone their craft. Most of them have worked in their industry for 30+ years, starting as apprentices and rising to become masters of their craft. Her photography reveals old and young people who work tirelessly to produce quality goods in all kinds of environments. All images are Copyright Rezzan Hasoglu.