Stephanie DelVecchio and I spent six weeks down at the Johnson Space Center interning for the Habitability Design Center. (I still can’t pronounce “Habitability” without stumbling) We worked with Rich, Chip and Evan to come up with sketches, build models and mock up space-related concepts. I really liked working in the mockup and construction building where Woody lived. Woody’s interior is pictured here. He’s (or She’s) the next generation space exploration vehicle. We got to play some 90s pop in there, snap some photos of tourists snapping photos and imagine astronauts trying to eat in it. When we weren’t here, we were at our little office in a different building when the HDC is located. We spent a lot of time with a pen and paper or an x-acto knife in our hands, occasionally some time with a mouse  and hot glue. It was awesome getting to see Mission Control and Saturn V Rocket too. The best part of this internship, however, was the people. The guys at the HDC, my intern-mates and all the incredibly nice people we met in Clear Lake made this an exciting (and entertaining) experience. I came home with a ton of memories and most importantly, enough inside jokes to last me until I graduate. Cheers!


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