More Awesome Shtuff.


Go visit the Inception Chair, created by Vivian Chiu – furniture design student at RISD. I saw this at the furniture show at Woods Gerry Gallery earlier during the spring semester. It’s crazy in a completely great way.



I want this phone/watch. It projects time onto your wrist and includes a transparent roll-out screen that becomes your cell phone. Obviously there is some technology in this concept that may not be realistic quite yet, but I’m looking forward to when something like this will be made.



Georg Jensen collection – Vivianna Open Bangle Watch by Vivianna Torun Bulow-Hube.

This is my favorite watch design *ever.* I love watches, and I don’t think they’re obsolete. This one is absolutely stunning and crazily simple at the same time. I would buy one, but they’re rather pricey. Guess it’s time to start the watch fundraiser…



This clock unfolds as the hours go by. There’s a video of how it works in the linked article. It’s a really intriguing object.



These ad are both minimalist and powerful. They get the point across so simply.


IBM Selectric Typewriter


Thank you, Eliot Noyes, for being so amazing. This typewriter functions because of a ball containing all the letters of the alphabet and more and some mechanical systems to make it work. This is way cooler than a lot of laptops.


This article talks about differences in how men and women see environmentalism. It comes down to the types of values women have – community, empathy and the ability to nurture that make us see the world a little differently. This doesn’t apply to everyone, but it makes a lot of sense.


Engineers Without Borders Canada created a site called Admitting Failure.

Not enough people admit failures, and people make the same mistakes over and over again. This site (geared towards NGOs) gives people the opportunity to admit something that didn’t go well, so that the public can learn from it. Fantastic stuff and relevant to my earlier rant on failure.


The Story of Plastic Review: “Susan Freinkel’s new book Plastic: A Toxic Love Story (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), is a funny and interesting look into our relationship with plastic and how we just can’t quit this material that started off as an almost miraculous solution to so many human problems and that has now become an permanent part of our lives.” I’m curious to read this book.


THE most beautiful shots of earth and beyond you have ever seen. “The Mountain”


An inspirational video that explores the meaning of life with random strangers on the NYC subway. Brilliant.


“How to Rise From Poverty” This article really explores the power of psychology in climbing the socio-economic ladder. It’s how you think about your circumstances, not just how you are, that allow you rise from poverty.


Finally, this is late, but THANK YOU to Holstee for featuring me in their blog. I brought the Holstee T-shirt down with me to NASA over winter and took a photo with the shirt next to the NASA sign. It’s the only shirt I have that has a pocket located in a convenient place. Pretty awesome.


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