5 Printouts to Help You Complete Projects

Habit-building apps on your smartphone are cool, but let’s face it. Sometimes, you just want something simple that’s going to help you push yourself towards a goal. It can be really nice to physically mark a piece of paper in contrast to tapping a glass screen after you’ve finished a daily task. So I decided to make some printable project planners for y’all.


30 Days – Project/Habit Steps (Download)- Based off of the “Better Every Time” app (see previous post), this one lets you progress up a mountain as you’re working on your project/goal. For visual people who like to be rewarded when they reach the peak (i.e. me).



Project – Visualize Steps (Download) – IKEA your project. Draw out little thumbnail instructions for yourself so that it’s not threatening. Then when you’re done, you get to put a big red X over it!


Projects – Tasks (Download) – This is for people who have ten different projects and are at different phases in each of those projects, which each have a numbers of tasks that have to be completed.


Month Calendar – Project Tasks  (Download) – This is for y’all that want to mark your project’s tasks and progress on a month calendar.


Year Calendar – Project Tasks  (Download) – This is for the wicked ambitious that have multiple long-term projects. You can use it as a gantt chart or as a general monthly task list.


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