Normal things I didn’t realize you needed two hands to do

…until I got into an accident three weeks ago.


  1. Using zippers
  2. Hand-washing utensils
  3. Tying a ponytail
  4. Cutting fingernails on the healthy hand
  5. Tying shoelaces
  6. Tying trash bags
  7. Signing your signature on curly receipt paper.
  8. Using cling wrap effectively
  9. Rolling up sleeves for the healthy arm
  10. Chopping whole onions

The Solution:

When people leave the hospital with one working hand, they should hand them a weighted clamp in a bag.

Why? Because when you’re one-handed, the thing that really changes is you that no longer create strong opposing forces: you can’t pull or use one hand for the anchor while the other hand does something to an object.

A weighted clamp would allow people to do at least half the things on this list. It could hold a light object still while allowing the other hand to perform an action on that object. Boom.


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