Design Food for This Week


And more at First Things First 2014 Manifesto

“There are pursuits more worthy of our dedication. Our abilities can benefit areas such as education, medicine, privacy and digital security, public awareness and social campaigns, journalism, information design, and humanitarian aid. They can transform our current systems of finance and commerce, and reinforce human rights and civil liberties.”




The Tea Cup SlingsHOT

A *great* idea.




Who Made Your Clothes T-shirt

These shirts are made from certified organic cotton and printed with chemical-free, seaweed-based dyes. They were made at a geothermal, solar-powered factory. You can’t get much greener than that.



Mike Monteiro – How Designers Destroyed the World

Mike calls for designers to be responsible about what we put out into the world. It’s a great talk that’s delivered with a ton of passion. Great to watch if you are in a I-want-to-stand-up-for-my-work mood.



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